Explorer & Visionary

Protecting the North Pole's wildlife

Pen Hadow

As an explorer Pen Hadow has pushed back the boundaries of what is known.

His iconic solo trek from Canada to the North Pole has never been repeated, and his leadership of the subsequent body of scientific exploration on the Arctic Ocean is without equal. He is today’s quintessential explorer.

Hadow believes exploration of the natural world has been never more urgent or important in human history, with the continued existence of our species dependent on our improved understanding and management of our relationship with the natural world. And with the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice fast-disappearing, international conservation measures are now urgently needed to protect the wildlife dependent on the habitat provided by sea ice.

He continues to lead an influential non-governmental scientific and public engagement programme on the Arctic Ocean, Arctic Mission – an annual expedition programme in support of the international advocacy work of the 90ºNorth Unit.

The 90ºNorth Unit, founded by Hadow, is the only organisation exclusively dedicated to protecting the Arctic Ocean’s threatened wildlife and unique floating ice-reef ecosystem. The Unit is catalysing the process within the United Nations to create the world’s largest protected marine area by 2032.

And, Why the North Pole’s wildlife for Hadow? Many have been spell-bound by the answer.